State of Wisconsin/Circuit Court/Rock County
Jury Trial 

In this case, Corneille Law Group successfully defended the driver of a motor vehicle in a lawsuit arising from a rollover motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff, who was a passenger in Defendant's vehicle, alleged that Defendant overreacted and lost control of his vehicle when an unidentified oncoming vehicle crossed partially over into Defendant's lane of traffic. Defendant swerved to avoid the collision. However, in doing so, he lost control and rolled his vehicle. Plaintiff claimed to have suffered a number of injuries to her head, neck and lower extremities as a result of the accident. Prior to trial, the parties had stipulated to Plaintiff's past medical expenses and lost wages. In closing, Plaintiff requested a pain and suffering award of $76,000 – $99,000. Combined with Plaintiff's past wage loss and medical expenses, this amounted to a total requested verdict range of $92,532.66 – $115,532.70. The jury returned a unanimous verdict of no negligence on the part of the Defendant driver. Plaintiff was therefore awarded nothing.