Federal Court/Western District of Wisconsin
Jury Trial 

In this Federal Court case, Corneille Law Group successfully defended a building owner against allegations that a patron's fall was caused by the defective construction of a stairway and landing. Plaintiff was viewing merchandise near the top of the stairway immediately prior to the incident. As a result of the fall, Plaintiff sustained fractures to her left leg that required surgery. All told, Plaintiff incurred approximately $36,689 in past medical expenses. Plaintiff claimed that her fall occurred as a result of a number of alleged defects in the stairway. In particular, she alleged that the railings were not high enough, that the slope of the stairway was too steep, and that the landing at the top of the stairway was not deep enough. In addition, Plaintiff claimed that merchandise should not have been placed at the top of the stairway and that there was insufficient warning of the alleged stairway hazard. The defense argued that Plaintiff's own negligence was the sole cause of her fall. The jury agreed and returned a verdict in favor of the defense finding that the building owner was not negligent. Plaintiff was therefore awarded nothing.