Trials & Appeals


Decision Date: January 20, 2014
Case No: 11-CV-001210
State of Wisconsin/Circuit Court/Marathon County
Jury Trial

In this case, the Corneille Law Group successfully defended a hospital against allegations that a visitor's fall was caused by an unsafe condition at the hospital. Specifically, the Plaintiff claimed that she slipped on a product that was applied to strip wax from the hallway floor in the intensive care unit. The Plaintiff alleged that fall occurred because the product was placed in front of the doors to the intensive care unit without proper warning signs to caution of the danger. The defense argued that, in addition to the presence of visual warnings, the Plaintiff was verbally warned of the condition by hospital staff. The Plaintiff struck her head as a result of the fall and suffered a brain bleed that she claimed resulted in permanent injuries, including neurocognitive deficits. Plaintiff requested an award of $158,933 – $458,933. The jury, however, unanimously found in favor of the defense and concluded that the hospital was not negligent. The Plaintiff was therefore awarded nothing.