Whether it is court ordered mediation, or the parties feel the matter can be settled before trial, Corneille Law Group, has the credibility and settlement experience to resolve even the most complex matters in the areas of personal injury, construction defects, property damage, coverage disputes, and estate administration matters.  With over thirty years of experience in litigation and negotiation and settlement, Attorney Jeffrey DeMeuse will be able to make a fair evaluation of your case, assist both sides in assessing their risks, and facilitate an amicable resolution. 

Selecting Corneille Law Group for your mediation means you will have someone who will listen closely to all points of view, determine the issues in dispute, guide the parties in overcoming impasse, and all reasonable options for settlement have been considered. Our objective for mediation is the same as yours, to get the matter resolved in a way that ensures all parties trust the process, have been treated fairly, and are pleased with the results.

Corneille Law Group offers half-day and full day mediation sessions. Providing you, and your client with an affordable and efficient means of resolution. To schedule your mediation session contact Jeffrey DeMeuse at 920-884-2211 or [email protected]