Complex Litigation

Corneille Law Group litigators have the experience, strategic skill and diligence required to try even the most complex matters to verdict. Complex litigation may include the following features, usually in combination:

  • Very large quantities of documents produced by or to the firm's client;
  • Large numbers of potential deponents and witnesses;
  • Issues involving complex calculations and large amounts of data;
  • Complexity and interrelationship of legal issues;
  • Extreme time pressures imposed by judges, opponents, or clients;
  • Need to present and defend, or cross-examine, expert witnesses in extremely technical subject areas; and
  • Need to educate and persuade juries with sophisticated graphics or other technology.

Together, our attorneys offer decades of experience litigating complex matters in Wisconsin and Federal courts and in administrative proceedings.  We are able to assemble a team of attorneys and staff tailored to any case, in any part of the state.  Our efforts are always guided by our clients' expectations of cost-consciousness and efficiency at every stage of litigation.

These are some of the key advantages that Corneille Law Group brings to complex litigation:

  • Litigation Management Systems. We use a full-featured litigation management system from the beginning of litigation to reduce the amount of time lawyers and paralegals spend finding the right documents for taking and defending depositions, preparing motions and briefs,  and presenting the case at trial.
  • Sophisticated Use of Expert Witnesses. Success in complex cases rise or falls on the quality of expert testimony.  Our attorneys know how to work with and prepare experts to make the best possible presentation in support of our clients' cases.  We are skilled at identifying the issues that require expert witnesses, identifying and evaluating potential experts nationwide, and advising our clients as to the most effective team of experts for any matter.
  • Trial Presentation Techniques. Today's jurors are used to getting information through television and other visual systems.  They may not be as adept at interpreting conventional documents.  Our attorneys are prepared to use the latest technologies to present and advance our clients' cases.

For more information, please contact David Pliner in Madison or Mark Budzinski in Green Bay.